THE VIOLIN MAN’S LEGACY (Jack Calder Crime Series #1)

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Seumas Gallache r escaped from the world of finance ten years ago, after a career spanning three continents and five decades.

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The story is fast paced, the writing is strong and the narrative is gripping and engaging. I loved some of the minor characters particularly - almost all of which have been fleshed out with interesting back ground stories and other personal details.

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Jack himself is the son of the Violin Man in the title, a nick name to do with an odd choice of music. The cold murder of the Violin Man seems to have impacted on Jack, the son, to seek justice on organised crime, Jack is generally a very interesting and well chosen protagonist with more to him than just the tough guy. The plot is thick and well thought through, there is some violence - the book starts with a nasty execution, and there is more to come. A book I would recommend to all of my friends into crime fiction and action packed thrillers.

Certainly as good as many Andy McNab books that I have read. The good news is that it doesn't make a lot of difference as each novel is stand-alone. Otherwise this is an adrenaline-fuelled romp with triads, AK47s, Special Forces vigilante justice, and lots of satisfying ends for the bad guys. Gallacher's narrative ranges across continents and cultures with nary a pause, and I have no doubt if you like a good adventure story you will bomb your way through it fast like I did.

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The next installment in this successful series is "Savage Payback", recently published. It will be finding its way onto my Kindle soon. Five bullet-riddled stars for this one. The story revolves around a security company, triads and gemstones. The action starts straight from page one and continues throughout with barely a pause. However, testosterone filled it may be, but Jack has another side as well.

The body count is high, but this book also explores the psyche of Calder and how he comes to terms with the things he has to do.

Yes, guns are an integral part of the story, as are violence and greed, but not the only part. An enjoyable page-turning read for anyone who likes their action heroes to have just a little bit of humanity mixed with their machismo. Jul 21, Simon Howard rated it it was amazing. With a glut of ex SAS books out there at the moment it takes something special to rise above the rest Well Jack Calder has that something special, for such a 'hard' character coming from the world's best he has a surprising depth and pathos about him.

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This is an incredibly well researched book and you cannot help but feel that the author is writing from some kind of personal experience, but at no point does it become bogged down with the pages filled with globe trotting action Throw in With a glut of ex SAS books out there at the moment it takes something special to rise above the rest Throw in a little sex and you have the perfect escape.

All in all a great first book and I genuinely look forward to more in the series. May 20, O. Readers, here is an author with a serious multifaceted ambiance that you should take notice of The Violin Man's Legacy: Fast paced action that grabs you from the very first page mingles with spicy yet tasteful touches of steam to unwrinkle the investigative insights into the corporate world of security. Travel around the world No loose ends here readers and the 'legacy' will warm your heart with its honesty.

The characters are well built and sturdy enough to bring the reader back for a second read and a sequel or two!

Gallacher, tell us Loved this book Seumas Gallacher has written one of the best books in this genre in a long time each page captivates the reader, willing you to carry on reading more and more. The story follows one of ISP top employee's Jack Calder in an investigation into 2 diamond hiests in Holland that have unfortunatley lead to the death of one of his former SAS colleagues, Jack is on a mission to bring to justice the men responsible for his colleagues death. Jack is led the globe in search of justice.

I couldn Loved this book Seumas Gallacher has written one of the best books in this genre in a long time each page captivates the reader, willing you to carry on reading more and more.

PDF THE VIOLIN MAN’S LEGACY (Jack Calder Crime Series #1)

I couldn't put this book down and am sure you wont too, so go on give it ago and if you love it Seumas Gallacher's follow up book "Vengeance wears black" is also now available from Amazon Oct 25, J. A lively thriller, an original plot, and an enjoyable read. The only problem I had was with the first two chapters, where Seamus introduced two characters that I thought were the main characters, one after the other.

Without revealing too much, I can say simply that the main character makes his first appearance in chapter 3. I'm giving it four stars that would have been five if not for those two false starts. Fast paced thriller that grabs you on page one! I felt the trauma experienced by Jack as a child! The story was interesting and I was captured seeing how they figured out the connections between the two major heists. I like the authors characters, they seem real. Globe trotting ex-military men fighting crime and getting justice!

The generosity of the ISP the good guys is evident in how they treat the victims. Men of honor working together to make the world safe. I won this novel in a goodreads drawing. When shipments of diamonds are stolen in violent robberies, an ex SAS security officer must find the perpetrators and smash the racket. It sounds exciting, and should be exciting, but the whole story is written in such an understated, matter of fact manner that no tension is generated.

It's all like a walk around the block. I think a couple of more drafts, and this could be a good book, but it just isn't there. Mar 04, Marwa rated it liked it. I would give this book a 3. This book was a good thriller which I imagined happening as a movie while reading it. I liked the writing style and it did keep me interested most of the time.

However, I did lost interest at a few points which is why it took me a while to read this book. However, I did have the pleasure of meeting the author in Bahrain and had this book signed by him which was absolutely amazing! View all 3 comments. Mar 13, Eric J. Another crackling read from this author. Two deadly robberies in Northern Europe are the detonating factors that whisk the protagonists overseas to Triad-infested Hong Kong then to the Bolivian border for an explosive finale to this fast-paced thriller.

Looking forward to reading another by Gallacher. Apr 05, Frank J. Another fantastic thriller staring the ISP folks. This book is set in Europe, Asia and South America and comes with great descriptions of the different locations. This read kept me hooked from the word go. A very quick moving page turner. Looking forward to read much more from the ISP guys and lady..!

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Pretty reasonable plot and the author kept the pace up all the way through. Dialogue was written in a bit of a stilted way but I suspect that may be regarded as a bit critical. All in all a decent addition to the genre. I Enjoyed this book enormously. Gallacher has a fine nose for dialogue and the story line fairly bounds along. I'd recommend this book to anyone who likes a little mystery in their books or distinctive police novels.

I can see why he's such a popular writer. Really enjoyed this as a change to my usual chick-lit. Looking forward to reading the follow up Vengeance Wears Black A good fast paced thriller.

The Violin Man’s Legacy

I look forward to more by this author.