Policewomen Who Made History: Breaking through the Ranks

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In , the National Association of Policewomen organized with Ms. Stebbins Wells as the first president.

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The objectives of the association included disseminating information on the work of women police and seeking better training and higher educational standards. By the midth century, another star among women police had risen. In , Ms.

By the s, women were starting to be assigned to investigative and undercover roles like their male colleagues. It was a time of transition—Ms.

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Higgins, for instance, was not in favor of women officers having roles expanded beyond focusing on troubled women and juveniles. Police departments were still appointing their first female officers during the s and s.

Policewomen Who Made History: Breaking Through the Ranks

Progress was slow as civil service promotion for NYC policewomen did not occur until the s. By , there were no longer separate entry requirements for male and female officers, but there continued to be discrepancies in salaries for years. The modern era began during the s when women were being accepted as police officers, not just policewomen Hassell, et al.

During that era, some female officers won notable discrimination lawsuits and the right to patrol their own beats.

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While the fight for equality for women has been ongoing for decades, progress has clearly been made. The public is more accepting of female police officers and the number of women in the police forces across the nation has steadily increased. Request items at least 2 days before you visit to allow retrieval from off-site storage. You can request at most 5 items per day. Skip to search Skip to main content. Reporting from:.

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