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People often make the mistake of going about this from the opposite angle—many young companies try to make themselves right for every customer.

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The best clients might be willing to give you more generous payment terms—ask them to pay you partially in advance, or pay you immediately upon receipt of your invoice. Maintaining a steady cash flow is the most important order of business for your company, and the best clients will understand this.

If a client is causing a lot of aggravation and stress, they might not be worth keeping. If they are taking up too much time—not allowing you to perform important tasks to sustain your business—and causing you to miss out on better opportunities with other clients, then it might be time to end the business relationship. Some clients will object to your prices, question your expertise, nickel and dime you with petty complaints, undermine your consulting advice, and otherwise make themselves a source of pain and difficulty in your life.

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But the best clients will not interfere with your professional expertise—in fact, they will welcome your advice and will help inspire you to do your best work. This is very gratifying when a client turns out to be one of your biggest cheerleaders and best marketers—and you should thank them and reward them generously.

Getting referrals from existing clients is one of the best ways to build up a client base. Consider offering a discount on their next bill.

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Ideally, the best client relationships are valuable relationships even aside from the financial transactions. Building a business and creating relationships with clients is one of the great joys of being an entrepreneur. That would just be keeping you stuck!

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Once you get your energy clear, if you need a strategy, reach out to someone you know who can support you with that. Using that powerful energy of abundance…let people know what the possibilities are and you will find yourself with more clients than you know what to do with!

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Remember to serve them and find them out of generosity and genuinely wanting to make a difference for them and you will have people tripping over themselves to show up in your world!!!! Create opportunities where there were none??

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