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Missionary work in Saipan began in the early s, but was stopped because of local hostility. One of the first group meetings on the island was held 24 July Church member Alfred "Mustang" Gonzalez became construction manager of the new airport, arriving 16 July His family followed him in October. They bought a small vacant quonset hut that had been abandoned in the jungle and used it for a meetinghouse.

After this building became too small, meetings were held in the elders' kitchen and living room.

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Sunday School classes were held outside under the coconut trees. A small building was completed in Brad T. Nago and his wife, Jean, were converts in Saipan, baptized 24 January , and became president of Saipan's Chalan Laulau Branch a small congregation after the Gonzalez family returned to Hawaii. President Gordon B. Hinckley, Elder Joseph B.

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The waters above the seafloor in the Volcanic and Trench Units are not included in the Monument. Monument designation provides international, national, and local recognition that the Marianas is a refuge for seabirds, sea turtles, unique coral reefs, and a great diversity of seamount and hydrothermal vent life worth preservation. The Marianas Trench Marine National Monument is geologically very complex, sporting a subduction zone, back arc basins, an active simmering island, and submarine volcanoes. This hydromedusa was documented during our midwater transects at meters over a newly discovered petite-spot volcano.

The crescent-shaped Mariana Trench part of the Trench Unit is the "Grand Canyon" of the ocean actually times larger and includes some of the deepest known areas on Earth.

Northern Mariana Islands

Challenger Deep, the deepest part of the Mariana Trench and the greater ocean, is located at a depth of about 36, feet around 11, meters — about 7, feet deeper than Mount Everest is tall. The Volcanic Unit includes a series of undersea mud volcanoes and thermal vents that support unusual life forms in some of the harshest conditions on Earth.

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Species are able to survive here despite hydrothermal vents that produce highly acidic and boiling water. In the Islands Unit, unique reef habitats support marine biological communities dependent on basalt rock foundations, unlike those throughout the remainder of the Pacific.

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These reefs and waters are among the most biologically diverse in the Western Pacific and include some of the greatest diversity of seamount and hydrothermal vent life yet discovered. Show all destinations.

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