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Lithium is the lightest metal, and it is used in batteries and for the treatment of bipolar disorder, says Prof Allan Blackman from AUT in ep 44 of Elemental.

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Despite giving its name to a whole group on the periodic table, chemists can't agree if lanthanum even belongs in that group, says Prof Allan Blackman from AUT in ep 42 of Elemental. Apple Podcasts Subscribe. Spotify Subscribe. RadioPublic Subscribe. Podcast MP3 Oggcast Vorbis. Subscribe to podcast.

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Navigation for Elemental. Rubidium - expensive and not very useful science. Rhodium - used in cars, drugs Rhenium - has a number of claims to chemical fame science. Radon - radioactive basement risk science.

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Radium - famous but not very useful science. Protactinium - a very dull chemical element science. Promethium - rare and unremarkable science. Praseodymium - a long name but not many uses science. Potassium - a matter of life and death science.

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Polonium - few redeeming features science. Platinum - another pricey precious metal science. Phosphorus - P was discovered in pee science.

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Palladium - cleaning up your car's exhaust science. Oxygen - the friendly element science. Osmium - heavyweight champion of the elements science.

Nitrogen - a vital powerhouse science. Nickel - more than just a 5 cent coin science. Neon - the red of neon lights science.

Neodymium - the secret behind supermagnets science. The most boring chemical element science. Molybdenum - a catalyst at bacterial to industrial scales science. Mercury - mesmerising quicksilver science. Manganese - the 'essential' essential element science.

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