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The Use of Corporate Planning Models: past, present and future. Business Ethics: two introductory questions. Choosing Strategies for Change. Strategy Implementation versus Middle Management Self-interest. The Structuring of Organizations. Configurations of Strategy and Structure: towards a synthesis. Evolution and Revolution as Organizations Grow.

Successfully Implementing Strategic Decisions. Strategic Control: an overview of the issues. Back Matter Pages About this book Introduction Readings in Strategic Management contains a wide range of contributions from leading authors in the field designed to reflect the broad and diverse nature of this complex subject. The collection contains a mixture of older established articles and new contributions, with three being specially written. Fundamental Analysis.

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What Is Strategic Management? Key Takeaways Companies, universities, nonprofits, and other organizations can use strategic management as a way to make goals and meet objectives.

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Flexible companies may find it easier to make changes to their structure and plans, while inflexible companies may chafe at a changing environment. A strategic manager may oversee strategic management plans and devise ways for organizations to meet their benchmark goals. Compare Investment Accounts. The offers that appear in this table are from partnerships from which Investopedia receives compensation. The idea behind the plenary session format is to give division members the possibility with very few other divisional sessions scheduled in parallel to gather and discuss an important theme.

Recognition will also be given to outstanding reviewers providing especially detailed, constructive, and timely feedback to authors for the program. The social follows immediately afterward pm. Finally, please note that AOM is inviting authors of accepted papers to post their slides to the online program.

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  • Authors will also have their full-length papers automatically posted they can opt out of this choice if they wish. Materials posted will only be available to conference registrants during a given timeframe likely May-September. What an experience this has been for me to organize the program for STR! It has been humbling and gratifying to work with so many committed individuals.

    Having seen so many written words of authors and referees, I look forward to seeing presented in Boston the outstanding research of our members. I am counting on many constructive comments of engaged scholars. I eagerly anticipate meeting the faces that match the names. I welcome the opportunity to thank all the contributors. See you in August!

    See the STR Pre-Conference Schedule at the end of this article for an overview of the sessions, times and places for the meeting. Members who are interested in sharpening and extending their methods knowledge have a broad portfolio of options this year. Members who are interested in enhancing their teaching skills will find a range of PDWs on offer again this year.

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    • Our Junior Faculty Teaching Consortium will also be offered again this year. For members interested in attending our Consortia i. On behalf of the officers, I want to convey gratitude to all contributing to these growth opportunities, including all the PDW and consortia organizers and all of the committed panelists. Asli M. She is also interested in exploring the role of governments and markets in the emergence and valuation of new types of capital in an economy.

      Guoli received his Ph. His research examines the relationship between institutions and strategic management, examining in particular how the institutional environment influences both the creation and the appropriation of value deriving from new business opportunities. More broadly, he is interested in combining formal modeling and empirical approaches to understand how firms can make better strategic decisions.

      Felipe sits in the editorial board of Academy of Management Review and Strategy Science and serves as associate editor for Organization Science. His main research interests focus on the role of diversification, product strategies, IPRs, and performance. His second stream of research is related to strategies for social business hybrids; he is studying new strategic business models that could help firms with a strong social connotation to thrive and survive.

      Her teaching and research focuses on strategic alliances, competitive and cooperative dynamics, founder role identity development, and employee entrepreneurship. John received his Ph. John is a member of the Academy of Management and is a representative-at-large of the behavioral strategy interest groups of the Strategic Management Society. She examines when and how firms participate in corporate social responsibility CSR activities, and the social impact of these activities.

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      Jiao received a Ph. His research focuses on institutional factors influencing firm strategy during technological change, including pressures from Wall Street analysts and investors, and the challenges of coordinating shared platform technologies in ecosystems. Prior to academia, Ram worked a management consultant with Deloitte in Southern California, and as a software engineer with Siemens Public Communication Networks. Much of his work focuses on strategic decisions by managers of multiunit-multimarket firms, such as diversified firms, business groups, and multinationals, and social enterprises.

      His research has been published or forthcoming in leading academic journals, including the Academy of Management Annals , Academy of Management Journal , Academy of Management Review , Administrative Science Quarterly , Journal of International Business Studies , Journal of Management , and has received numerous scholarly distinctions. Prior to joining academia, he worked as a consultant in the healthcare industry and also co-founded an advertisement agency, wherein he served as a managing-partner.

      She is researching the role of time and language in strategy-making by applying theories of organizational imprinting, complexity, and cognitive framing. To this end, she uses hand-collected interview data, fieldwork, and longitudinal datasets to build theory. She completed her Ph.

      Her research sheds light on organizational change via reconfiguration of resources, particularly looking at the antecedents and consequences of divestitures.

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      Michael Leiblein PhD, Purdue is an Associate Professor with expertise in competitive strategy and innovation management. He has published over a dozen articles in FT 50 journals including the Academy of Management Journal , Strategic Management Journal , and Strategy Science and had his work disseminated into practice through prominent periodicals including the Financial Times. He has received the development reviewer of the year award from the Academy of Management Review and several outstanding editorial board member awards from the Strategic Management Journal.

      He is co-chair of the Strategic Research Foundation where he oversees the disbursement of research grants through three SMS funding programs. I am honored to be nominated and grateful for the opportunity to serve as an Assistant Program Chair for the STR division. In particular, I will continue to support rigorous and relevant research and teaching activities from multiple theoretical perspectives and methodological approaches through PDWs and co-sponsored sessions.

      Readings in Strategic Management

      I will seek to expand programs to welcome new members and fully engage our global community of scholars through mentorship programs and directed welcoming sessions. I will aim to initiate crowdsourcing efforts to identify new needs and programming formats including interactive online formats.

      I believe that ensuring the future success of our division requires that we take steps to address important changes in higher education and the field of Strategic Management. In my opinion, we should consider: 1 creating plenary sessions and other forums to discuss the apparent disconnect between the research topics debated in our journals and the content featured in our textbooks; 2 creating plenary and panel sessions to identify opportunities to better integrate research across thematic tracks within our division and between our division and other divisions; 3 sponsoring programs and webinars to help faculty more effectively generate and manage external research funds e.

      In sum, I believe the role of our division leadership is to facilitate conversations that identify challenges and opportunities facing our field and to direct resources to collectively advance our research, teaching, and outreach activities. She received her Ph. In her research, she integrates psychology into transaction cost economics to examine the influences of cognitive factors e.